[NTG-context] Minor bug in Lua or ConTeXt

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Wed Jan 18 19:25:57 CET 2023

On 1/18/23 19:07, Hans Hagen via ntg-context wrote:
> On 1/18/2023 6:47 PM, Pablo Rodriguez via ntg-context wrote:
> [...] 
>> If I’m not wrong (in my previous statement), I think this is
>> counterintuitive, since undefined commands are fine in TeX comments and
>> undefined variables are fine inside \startluacode … \stopluacode.
> I bet you'd complain if \the\scratchdimen would not expand. You cannot 
> expect context to completely parse what goes into lua beforehand, unless 
> you are willing to get a performance hit (apart from a waste of time).

I’m starting to understand that one cannot have it all.

I haven’t used so much Lua code to add an undefined TeX command in a

Different reply isn’t wrong, only it needs to be known in advance.

> Thanks for adding to the wiki,

I have discovered after the addition that this was explained before
(last paragraph from

To emphasize it visually, I abused the <blockquote> element.

If any wiki wizard knows better, please tell.

Many thanks for your help,


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