[NTG-context] Is the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) style files for ConTeXt incompatible with \setupinteraction[state=start]?

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sun Jan 15 22:13:16 CET 2023

On 1/15/23 17:57, Joel via ntg-context wrote:
> When I am using the SBL ConTeXt files for citations, if I add a line
> `\setupinteraction[state=start` my code starts complaining:
> [...]
> Is this package incompatible with interaction?

Hi Joel,

unless I’m missing your point,
https://github.com/jjmccollum/context-sbl/issues/new is the place to
report your issue.

BTW, I downloaded current master
and the test file compiles just fine with and without

The undefined command from your error message (\currentbtxloctext) seems
to be defined in four setups from tex/publ-imp-sbl.mkvi:


The setups containing the definitions are btx:sbl:cite:inlinelong,
btx:sbl:cite:inlineshort, btx:sbl:cite:inline and btx:sbl:cite:shorthand.

Your code might be triggering an unwanted effect and the module
developer may fix it.

Just in case it might help,


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