[NTG-context] Is the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) style files for ConTeXt incompatible with \setupinteraction[state=start]?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 15 17:57:31 CET 2023

When I am using the SBL ConTeXt files for citations, if I add a line `\setupinteraction[state=start` my code starts complaining:
Undefined control sequence \currentbtxloctext 

<macro> \16>:btx:sbl:cite:inline 
    #1->\fastsetup {\s!btx :\s!cite :concat}\fastsetup {btx:sbl:cite:lefttext}\begingroup \letbtxparameter {punct}\empty \def \currentbtxcitealternative {inline}\def \currentbtxcategory {\btxfield {category}}\def \currentbtxloctext 
    {\btxparameter {loctex
<macro> \normalexpanded 
    \Word {\fastsetup {btx:sbl:cite:inline}
    }\doif {\btxparameter {righttext}}{\empty } {\btxperiod }
<macro> \strc_constructions_register_yes 

Is this package incompatible with interaction?
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