[NTG-context] Issue with location parameter in matrix

Jacob Kauffmann jacobkauffmann at me.com
Fri Jan 6 17:48:46 CET 2023

Hi all,

Thank you for your recent assistance with calligraphic math fonts.

I am trying to use a matrix example from math-ali.mkxl, but I am running into an issue.
When I try to use the location parameter, I receive the error
	A <box> was supposed to be here.

I have also tried both location=bottom and location=top, but both give the same error.

Do you have any ideas on how I can get the matrix in the desired locations?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,


  \NC A \NC B \NR \NC C \NC D \NR
  \NC A \NC B \NR \NC C \NC D \NR
  \NC A \NC B \NR \NC C \NC D \NR

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