[NTG-context] regular online meet-up

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Fri Jan 6 15:34:06 CET 2023

You’re invited to join on Wednesday, January 11th, 15:00 CET (UTC+1)

at https://lecture.senfcall.de/hen-rbr-rku-oke
(same, but shorter: https://v34h.de/ctxmtg)

ConTeXt users of all levels are welcome!

Next meeting will be on February 8th.

(Same blurb as every time:)

* No special software installation required; most modern browsers should 
work (WebRTC required).
* Open the above URL, accept the privacy statement,
* enter your name,
* click "join" (or "start" if you’re the first),
* click "with microphone", allow your browser to access it, check the audio.
* Your microphone is muted if you join. Activate microphone and/or 
camera with the buttons at the bottom.
* Minimize the default presentation with the "screen" button, bottom right.

* If you’d like to share your screen or upload a file, you can make 
yourself the presenter: Click on your user name, change the setting, 
then you’ll see the "screen sharing" button beside the camera button; 
also there’s now "manage presentations" behind the "plus" button.
Beware there is only one presenter at a time, so don’t kill someone 
else’s presentation.

[Technical hints]
* Sound is usually better if you use a headset (less noise for everyone).

* Connection problems are mostly due to low bandwidth or high latency on 
your side, e.g. with mobile connections.
* If audio/video doesn’t work for you, you can still use the text chat.
* Screen sharing needs a lot of bandwidth.

* BigBlueButton documentation applies: 

* Please use a name that we recognize from here. Some feel uncomfortable 
with anonymous lurkers.
* Mute your microphone while you’re not talking.
* It’s nice to show your face at least when you join.
* If there are connection problems, stop camera sharing.
* The room is set to “everyone’s a moderator“, I trust you...

See you, Hraban

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