[NTG-context] Problem with latest version ?

Gavin gavinpublic at comcast.net
Thu Jan 5 11:40:56 CET 2023

Hi Hans,

> On Jan 5, 2023, at 12:39 AM, Hans Hagen via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:
> On 1/5/2023 2:40 AM, Gavin via ntg-context wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I could not figure out the right spot for the files m-tikz-pgfplots.tex and m-tikz-pgfplotstable.tex. I don’t currently have files with those names anywhere, and files with similar names and contents appear in a couple different places. I had to put off sorting it out until I had some more time.
>> I was able to find the right place for m-tikz.mkxl, and it prevented an error at \usemodule[pgfplots], but I’d still get an error if I tried to use any command from the pgfplots.
> indeed they go alongside the m-tikz file ... did you run mtxrun --generate?

Now I put the files alongside and ran mtxrun —generate. It did not work. The test file and resulting error are below. I used ConTeXt  ver: 2022.12.29 14:32 LMTX  fmt: 2022.12.29  int: english/english. I can try with the latest LMTX later today. The test file works with TeXLive 2022



\usemodule[pgfplots]			% PGFPlots module for graphs


	\draw (0, 0) circle (3cm);




tex error       > tex error on line 15 in file ./TikZTest.tex: Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted)

<to be read again> 
<macro> \pgfpl@@ 
    #1->\advance \count 0 by-1\relax 
    \ifnum \count 0=-1\relax \global \def \pgfplotslistselect at tmp {\def \pgfplotsretval {#1}}\fi 
<macro> \pgfpl@@ 
    \pgfpl@@ {blue,every mark/.append style={fill=blue!80!black},mark=*}
    \pgfpl@@ {red,every mark/.append style={fill=red!80!black},mark=square*}\pgfpl@@ {brown!60!black,every mark/.append style={fill=brown!80!black},mark=otimes*}\pgfpl@@ {black,mark=star
<macro> \pgfplotslistselect@ 
    #1\of #2\to #3->\begingroup \count 0=#1\relax \long \def \pgfpl@@ ##1{\advance \count 0 by-1\relax \ifnum \count 0=-1\relax \global \def \pgfplotslistselect at tmp {\def #3{##1}}\fi }#2
    \endgroup \pgfplotslistselect at tmp 
<macro> \pgfplots at getautoplotspec@ 
    #1#2#3->\ifnum #2=0 \let \pgfplotsretval =\pgfutil at empty \else \pgfplotsmathmodint {#3}{#2}\pgfplotslistselect \pgfmathresult \of #1\to \pgfplotsretval 
<macro> \pgfplots at getautoplotspec 
    ...ternal error: expected 'L' or 'M', not '\pgfplots at cycle@multi at list@sequence '}\fi \fi \else \pgfplotslistsize \autoplotspeclist \to \c at pgf@countd \pgfplots at getautoplotspec@ {\autoplotspeclist }{\c at pgf@countd }{\pgfplots at listindex }
    \let #1=\pgfp ...

<line 3.15> 

 5     \usemodule[pgfplots]			% PGFPlots module for graphs
 7     \starttext
 9     \starttikzpicture
10     	\draw (0, 0) circle (3cm);
11     \stoptikzpicture
13     \starttikzpicture
14       \startaxis
15 >>      \addplot+[domain=0:360]
16             {sin(x)};
17       \stopaxis
18     \stoptikzpicture
20     \stoptext

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