[NTG-context] TUG 2023

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Wed Jan 4 19:04:11 CET 2023

Hi Thomas,

Am 04.01.23 um 17:50 schrieb Thomas A. Schmitz via ntg-context:
> an excellent year 2023 to all of you...

The same to you!

> is any of the developers going (Hans?)?

I’m not a dev but I’ll be there.

> Since the public will be 99 % LaTeX-centric: I had the 
> idea of showing (off) how ConTeXt can typeset xml and produce different 
> outputs from the same source (similar to what I've done in Bassenge in 
> 2019). Those of you who have been to TUG conferences before: would that 
> be of interest even to people who know little to nothing about ConTeXt 
> yet are familiar with other forms of TeX? I guess I just what to get a 
> feeling what to expect at a TUG conference.

I’ve never been to a TUG conference, but it’s also a DANTE conference, 
and I wouldn’t hesitate to talk about ConTeXt – your example is a good 
one to get people interested, I think.

I’ll probably show how I make our architectural guides for Bonn – I 
suggested to have a guided tour to one of the HICOG settlements (that 
were built for the American forces and their German employees) with the 
group that’s behind the guides (Werkstatt Baukultur Bonn).

Since I’ll be there on company time (I’m now working for my former main 
customer), I’ll probably also help presenting our LaTeX3-based 
documentation workflow.


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