[NTG-context] TUG 2023

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Wed Jan 4 17:50:52 CET 2023

Hi everybody,

an excellent year 2023 to all of you - I hesitate to say "it can only 
get better from 2022." That's what we thought last year, and boy were we 
wrong and did it get worse... Let's hope that this year will be more 
peaceful and less pandemic...

But to my topic: the official announcement for TUG 2023 is out. It will 
be in Bonn, Germany, in a building literally (literally!) just across 
the street from my university office. So I feel somewhat motivated to go 
and give a talk on ConTeXt and spread the word. Since I'm a simple user 
and no developer, I'm a bit hesitant though: is any of the developers 
going (Hans?)? Since the public will be 99 % LaTeX-centric: I had the 
idea of showing (off) how ConTeXt can typeset xml and produce different 
outputs from the same source (similar to what I've done in Bassenge in 
2019). Those of you who have been to TUG conferences before: would that 
be of interest even to people who know little to nothing about ConTeXt 
yet are familiar with other forms of TeX? I guess I just what to get a 
feeling what to expect at a TUG conference.

All best wishes


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