[NTG-context] New c-o-w: The XMas gift for ConTeXt users

黄复雄 aahuaang at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 02:30:55 CET 2022

Dear Zdeněk Svoboda.

I tried your platform, it's great and it will definitely help to
promote ConTeXt. Thanks for your work.

I am from China and I would like to know, does this platform support
CJK fonts (e.g. https://github.com/googlefonts/noto-cjk)?
if yes, then is there any examples of usage?
or have any plans to support them?

Best regards,
黄复雄(Huang Fusyong)

Zdeněk Svoboda via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> 于2022年12月27日周二 07:58写道:
> Hello ConTeXt community!
> I'm Zdeněk Svoboda, a master degree student at Mendel university in
> Brno. I've been using ConTeXt for a while now and have always been
> impressed by its capabilities and the helpfulness of this community.
> For my thesis project with Tomáš Hála as the supervisor, I've developed
> an online application for working with ConTeXt. The main goal was to
> create an application capable of compiling ConTeXt source right from the
> browser but I thought that it's not enough and added a few features or
> tools on top of that. Functions of the application include:
>      - User accounts to save files and access them from other computers.
>      - Editor with syntax highlighting and autocompletion for ConTeXt
> command.
>      - Generating PDF document and previewing it directly from the browser.
>      - Layout designer to customize the layout of their documents with a
> variety of options and mouse resizability of each layout element.
>      - Table designer for creating and customize tables with alignment
> and border settings, colors, merging and splitting cells eg.
>      - Lists designer with a simple interface to customize lists.
>      - Help function for ConTeXt commands (hidden under the "?" button)
> Developing this application was a great learning experience for me, and
> I faced a number of technical challenges along the way. For example,
> having to dig through the XML document to extract all the information
> needed for the "?" help function.
> I'm excited to share my project with the ConTeXt community and hope that
> it will be a useful resource for someone. If you're interested in trying
> it out, you can find it at https://www.context-on-web.eu/. I'd love to
> hear any feedback or suggestions you have. If you find a bug or
> encounter an error while using the application, please let me know (and
> cc: thala at mendelu.cz) the steps you took that caused it.
> Known bugs:
>      - Generated code from table designer needs better formatting
>      - Duplicated color definitions in table designer
>      - Layout designer -- numbers are not rounded
> Best regards,
> Zdeněk Svoboda
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