[NTG-context] Problem with float and new layout on same page

peter.hopcroft at icloud.com peter.hopcroft at icloud.com
Sun Dec 25 23:26:03 CET 2022

My MWE below produces this pdf. My problem is that on page 2, the body text flows beyond its frame and into the footer distance.

Regards, Peter

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\setuppapersize[A4][A3,landscape] \setuparranging[2SIDE] \showframe 

\definelayout[mypage][footerdistance=100mm, ]
\definelayout[odd][reset]  	% ??

\dorecurse{3}{\input{knuth} }	% change to \dorecurse{2} - it works  properly
\dorecurse{2}{\input{knuth} }
\placefigure [leftmargin]
	 {} {\externalfigure[greybox][width=\leftmarginwidth]}
\dorecurse{5}{\input{knuth} }


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