[NTG-context] Use section custom value in a header text.

Pawel Urbanski urbanski.pawel at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 01:04:05 CET 2022

> Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the answers. I learnt something new.
I ended up using the:
\namedstructureuservariable{chapter}{my_custom_variable} command with
It worked well - at least for my case.

While reading the wiki I started wondering what is the role of:
lefttext / middletext / righttext keys in \setupheader and \setupfooter
I would understand htem as keys that can be assigned some value for their
respective slots. I tried to put some texts manually, but there was no
effect - or maybe there is some trick to that. It was just a bit of
exploration - the solution I described works well for my case.

Thanks again for your time and experience...
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