[NTG-context] \typefile not including file and returning success

Marco Patzer lists at homerow.info
Sat Dec 17 20:39:35 CET 2022

On Sat, 17 Dec 2022 10:41:11 -0800
skyhorse--- via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:

> The context wiki says:
>   "When no file extension is specified the extension .tex is assumed."

It's not on the page for typefile:


And that surely makes sense for TeX (input) files, but not \type'ed
files, which are usually not TeX files.


The message

  verbatims       > file 'bar' does not exist

is wrong, the file “bar” exists. Displaying

  verbatims       > file 'bar.txt' does not exist


would be correct. But as I said, assuming \type'ed files are .tex
files does not make sense, IMO.

> By chance, do you have a file named "bar.tex" that would prevent this
> from being an error?

No. It just doesn't produce an error here (or non-success exit code
for that matter).

using LMTX:  2022.12.15 18:12


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