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I'm attaching the two master files used for the following (also ran
cross refs between
each vol.):

Murugaiyan, Appasamy & Parlier-Renault, Édith (2021) (Eds) Whispering
of Inscriptions:
South Indian Epigraphy and Art History: Papers from an International
Symposium in
memory of Professor Noboru Karashima (Paris, 12–13 October 2017).
Oxford: Indica et
Buddhica. (2 vols)


Best, Richard

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Indica et Buddhica
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I have a book project that is being cut into two volumes (because it
too long and will be sold as a boxed set).

Each volume is presently a separate *product* in the project
I presently set the counters in the second volume using:

  [part] [2]

  [chapter] [5]

(I have multiple [5] parts in the project, and the first volume ends
with part 2 and chapter 5.)

1) Is this the right way to be handling this?

2) Any suggestions on how I can put a Table of Contents for the first
volume in the second volume?


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