[NTG-context] Project structure with nested subfolders and shared environments.

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Another think you might want to consider: automatic local overrides. So, I’d copy everthing to a build folder, copy the environment from somewhere above unless the current folder contains a file with the same name.


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Thank you for responses. While the ability to sort of inherit setups would be very useful it looks like as of time of posting this message in December 2022 it is not possible.
As a workaround I will create a shead environment file and just bulk copy it to subfolders. In case when I'll need to globally change some configuration I can just replace the file.
I keep all my documents in GIT so the ability to reverte hte change is just a command away.

Thanks for help.


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> When I compile a document I switch to the SubSubFolder for the document
> file is in there.

In my experience this won’t work. ConTeXt searches from the current
folder (you can configure search paths, but I gave up on that, and you’d
have to do it in the called file).

It should be enough to call the environment from the project, but either
the project or the environment isn’t found if the path doesn’t fit the
call location.

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the Wiki!

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