[NTG-context] Project structure with nested subfolders and shared environments.

Pawel Urbanski urbanski.pawel at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 22:52:43 CET 2022

Dear Everyone,
I'm setting up a project structure that will possibly let me share styles
and layouts with lots of documents I need to create weekly.
Unfortunately my definitions in the environment file or files are ignored...

Here is the setup under the purposely created structure:
** The folder called: 'MainFolder' is the root of my document repository.
** The 'Metadata' folder inside the 'MainFolder' contains environment files.
** The 'SubFolder/SubSubFolder' inside the 'MainFolder' is the nestin
glevel I need with all the documents.
 Here are the files:
% /MainFolder/Meta.tex
\startproject *
\usepath [{ Metadata }]
\environment Environment.tex

% /MainFolder/Metadata/Environment.tex
\startenvironment *
% Test if setup is applied.

% /MainFolder/SubFolder/SubSubFolder/Doc.tex
\startproduct *
\project Meta
\startcomponent *
\startchapter[title={ Nested }]
\input tufte

Unfortunately the default font is applied and EB Garamond is not picked up
from the environment.

The question is:
** How can I use such a structure to share styles and layouts kept i the
'Metadata' folder and use htem in products that are ment to be complete
documents kept in the 'SubSubFolders'?

All the very best and htank you in advance for any clarifications...

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