[NTG-context] \setuplanguage[explicitrighthyphenchar=-1] only works for English

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Thu Dec 15 19:43:36 CET 2022


sorry for insisting again, but I’m still experiencing this issue in
latest current (from less than an hour ago):

  function document.addfunnyhyphen(tfmdata)
      local underscore = utf.byte("_")
      local char       = tfmdata.characters[underscore]
      if not char then return end
      tfmdata.characters[0xFE000]   = {
          width    = 0,
          height   = 0,
          depth    = 0,
          commands = {
              { "right", -char.width },
              { "down", char.depth },
              { "slot", 1, underscore },



  \startTEXpage[offset=1em, width=5em]
    \recursestring: \\

pt, hr and et don’t break the line at the hyphen. af breaks the line at
the hyphen adding an underscore just below the hyphen.

Either I’m missing something extremely basic, or
"\setuplanguage[explicitrighthyphenchar=-1]" only works for English.

Many thanks for your help,


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