[NTG-context] Radial and linear gradients

Hans Hagen j.hagen at freedom.nl
Wed Dec 14 23:29:44 CET 2022

On 12/14/2022 9:45 PM, Thangalin via ntg-context wrote:
> Inkscape can export the gradients to PDF.
> I was hoping to eliminate Inkscape as an extra piece of software users
> have to download to make sure their SVG images are rendered correctly.
> By containerizing ConTeXt, MetaPost can be swapped for Inkscape, so
> users won't even know. It is, however, a minor duplication to have two
> programs that can convert SVG to PDF. (And Inkscape will bloat the
> container size.)
> For my images, at least, gradients are one of the last features needed
> to render them correctly using MetaPost. The other is font rendering
> in some cases will be incorrect (e.g., try using Roboto with weight
> 100). If we have to use Inkscape to ensure tat all SVG images are

Also in the latest?

> rendered correctly, then we'd only want to use MetaPost if we know
> that the images don't contain gradients, or would you recommend
> avoiding MetaPost altogether for SVG conversion?
dunno, but that gradient is somewhat special so it then needs to be 
intercepted ... i'm currently not in svg mode so ... (variable color 
fonts have even wierder ones).


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