[NTG-context] Seems to be a bug with \definelayout

peter.hopcroft at icloud.com peter.hopcroft at icloud.com
Fri Dec 9 21:23:16 CET 2022

I’ve rewritten my last email. The context below produces the pdf in the screenshot below.

I expect the layout[short] to be applied to pages 2 and 3. It is. But there seem to be 2 bugs:

1 - Pages 4, 5 and 6 have the [short] layout. They should have the default layout.

2 - On pages 5 and 6, the text flows beyond the bottom of the frame. It should stop at the bottom of the frame.

Why do I think these are bugs? If I change the page number in \definelayout[3][short] to \definelayout[4][short], then it behaves differently and as I expect: only pages 2 and 4 have the [short] layout and the text flows within the frames.


\setuppapersize[A4][A3,landscape] \setuparranging[2SIDE]
\setuplayout[backspace=80mm, width=100mm, topspace=50mm, header=0mm, footer=0mm, height=200mm, margindistance=10mm, leftmargin=40mm]

\definelayout[short][backspace=80mm, width=100mm, topspace=50mm, header=0mm, footer=0mm, height=80mm, margindistance=10mm, leftmargin=40mm]

\dorecurse{10}{\input{knuth} }  

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