[NTG-context] Achieving different \cite styles

Jethro Djan jthryeboah at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 04:42:02 CET 2022

Hello everyone

I am interested in being able to cite in different ways. By analogy, I
refer to the \texcite{}, \parencite{} and other options available with
biblatex in LaTeX. How do I achieve something like \textcite{} in ConTeXt?
Here is my MWE:


  author  = {Who, Nobody and What, Everyone},
  journal = {Good Journal},
  title   = {The Art of Being},
  year    = {2017},




In \cite[wn:2017], they illustrated that it is impossible to not be them.
\cite[wn:2017] said it was worth the discovery.

\startsection[title={References}, number=no, incrementnumber=no]


The first sentence is okay. In the second, I would like the parenthesis
around the citation to come off because of the way I am citing it.

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