[NTG-context] two issues with variable fonts

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 4 11:53:36 CET 2022

On 12/3/2022 10:29 AM, Pablo Rodriguez via ntg-context wrote:
> On 12/3/22 01:01, Hans Hagen via ntg-context wrote:
>> On 12/2/2022 8:17 PM, Hans Hagen via ntg-context wrote:
>>>> Also in the last instances (at least, pages 19 to 25), kerning or
>>>> interletter spacing clearly needs to be improved.
>>> no clue (ok, a little)
>> sort of fixed but no upload yet (probably next week)
> Many thanks for all your fixes, Hans.
> BTW, using https://github.com/googlefonts/amstelvar/tree/main/fonts with
> the following source:
>    \usemodule[fonts-variable]
>    \starttext
>      \showfontvariations[font=file:Amstelvar-Roman.ttf]
>      \showfontvariations[font=file:Amstelvar-Italic.ttf]
>    \stoptext
> Font is missing in instances from pages 4, 8-11 (regular font) and 21-23
> (italic font).
> Glyphs seem wrong on pages 12-13 (regular font) and interletter spacing
> is clearly not right in the instance from pages 24-25.
> I don’t know whether this has already been fixed with your improvements
> yesterday.
the fact that some were not processed relates to a 'fix' of a while back 
... also keep in mind that the variable font code was written long ago 
when there were only a handful of experimental (and often somewhat 
buggy) fonts around showing off the new tricks .. since then there has 
not been much interest in variables fonts from the perspective of tex

assuming that i can motivate myself (read: the fonts look nice) i can 
probably sort out all the side effects

i'll check if we can deal with tags instead of names as not all fonts 
have nice names for the axis defined (which might be why one ends up 
with all these predefined instances)


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