[NTG-context] lmtx upload

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 1 13:17:26 CET 2022


I uploaded lmtx. Most significate:

- A slightly different implementaqtion of font modes 'base' and 'none' 
(hopefully no side effects).

- A few math updates (like primes done a bit differently, we made some 
choices here).

- Limited support for colr format 1 as needed for the rather nice:


which is used like:

     \definedfont[name:nupuramregular*default]          \input tufte 
\par \blank
     \definedfont[name:nupuramregular*slanted]          \input tufte 
\par \blank
   % \definedfont[Nupuram-Color.colrv0.otf*colored]     \input tufte 
\par \blank
     \definedfont[Nupuram-Color.colrv1.otf*colored]     \input tufte 
\par \blank
     \definedfont[Nupuram-Dots.otf*default]             \input tufte 
\par \blank
     \definedfont[Nupuram-Arrows-Color.colrv0*,colored] \input tufte \par

(don't install variable fonts and instances alongside)


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