[NTG-context] Why are my captions overlapping next text in combinations?

Joel uaru99 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 25 23:25:41 CET 2022

I have some combinations used throughout my document like this:
       \startcombination[4*2]            {%
                \framed[width=.25\textwidth, height=.25\textwidth]{}%
                \strut word \\ \thinrule\hairline\hairline%
        \stopcombination    \input knuth

This makes a box, then displays a word underneath, and then some blank lines.
The problem I'm having is many times the caption text is covering up whatever appears after. In this minimal example, I tried showing the problem, but somehow this is rendering find, not covering the \input knuth text.
Also, if I add more more items to the combination, the second row appears above the first row!

My document is rather complex, so I couldn't find a way to simplify it enough to get a minimal example to reveal the problem that is appearing.

Any ideas what might be causing the caption text to overlap and cover whatever appears after it?
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