[NTG-context] Do environment files add implicit \starttext ... \stopttext

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Tue Nov 15 16:06:58 CET 2022

On 11/15/22 13:22, Denis Maier via ntg-context wrote:
> Hi,
> if I process an XML buffer, I’ve noticed I need to wrap the
> \xmlprocessbuffer in a \starttext ... \stoptext pair.
> []
> However, if I have the XML and the setups in dedicated files, there
> seems to be no need for \starttext ... \stoptext.
> [] 
> Therefore my question:
> Does the use –environment automatically wrap the processed file in
> \starttext ... stoptext ?

Hi Denis,

try a source file with this contents:

  \ConTeXt\ is great.

with the following environment:


It looks like when --environment is used, ConTeXt assumes that the main
source only contains text. Which makes sense (at least, to me).

Just in case it might help,


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