[NTG-context] \xmldocument vs #1 in \xmlsetsetup

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Mon Nov 14 19:28:48 CET 2022

On 11/14/22 14:00, Denis Maier via ntg-context wrote:
> Hi,
> most examples in the mkiv-xml manual use #1 with \xmlsetsetup, e.g.
> \startxmlsetups xml:demo:base
>   \xmlsetsetup{#1}{document|section|p}{xml:demo:*}
> \stopxmlsetups
> However, in quite a few occasions I’ve noticed the usage of \xmldocument
> instead of #1.
> What exactly is the difference ?

Hi Denis,

I have just found the following explanation

  The macro \xmldocument expands to the current document id. There is
  also \xmlself which expands to the current node number (#1 in setups).

Now I think that I have abused \xmldocument too much, since I should
have used #1. But I’m afraid I haven’t got much different results.

I must also confess that a proper explanation would be helpful (to me in
order) to understsand when \xmldocument should not be used.


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