[NTG-context] Page break with placement of a figure at the bottom of the page

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sat Nov 12 12:28:42 CET 2022

On 11/11/22 21:58, Bruce Horrocks via ntg-context wrote:
>> On 10 Nov 2022, at 17:06, Fabrice Couvreur via ntg-context wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Sorry to come back to you, but it seems to me that there is enough space here.
>> Fabrice
> For some reason your PNG images came through in extremely low
> resolution. Without having the ConTeXt source it's hard to say for sure
> what's happening - for example, I would have expected the text on the
> second page to be at the bottom of the first even if there wasn't room
> for the image - because that was what was happening in your first example.

Hi Fabrice and Bruce,

I agree that the source would be helpful to say what may be hard for

In any case, ConTeXt has a hard time with pagebreaks when you combine
elements that need both horizontal and vertical calculation, such as in:

  {\input knuth\footnote{\input zapf}

  \startitemize[a, columns, eight, packed]

There is a similar issue with paragraph notes.


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