[NTG-context] OpenBSD binaries

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 4 10:06:25 CET 2022

On 11/4/2022 9:24 AM, damien thiriet via ntg-context wrote:
> Hi,
> I have two question regarding OBSD binaries:
> 1)
> the building farm holds two binaries: current -stable version (or 
> -release?) and the previous version.
> Since upgrading OBSD with sysupgrade is very easy, but AFAIU works only 
> to upgrade from version (n-1) to n where n is current relase number, I 
> wonder if it wouldn't easier to maintain binaries only for the current 
> version: keeping the OS up to date is strongly recommended.

Wasn't it you who actually suggested to have the two versions?

> https://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq5.html#Flavors
> This might ease OBSD binaries management.
> What do other OBSD users think about it?
> 2) AFAIU, sources are now available for downloading.
> I understand it would be possible to make a package build for my system, 
> so that I can upgrade OBSD without having to wait for the next binaries 
> upload.
> * binaries are quite small, so they should compile quite quickly. Am I 
> right?
> * I believe Mojca has already a compiling script. Where can I find it?
> * which adress should I point to fetch the sources for compilation?
the sources are in the distribution as is build.sh


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