[NTG-context] OpenBSD binaries

damien at thiriet.web4me.fr damien at thiriet.web4me.fr
Fri Nov 4 09:24:50 CET 2022


I have two question regarding OBSD binaries:

the building farm holds two binaries: current -stable version (or 
-release?) and the previous version.
Since upgrading OBSD with sysupgrade is very easy, but AFAIU works only 
to upgrade from version (n-1) to n where n is current relase number, I 
wonder if it wouldn't easier to maintain binaries only for the current 
version: keeping the OS up to date is strongly recommended.


This might ease OBSD binaries management.
What do other OBSD users think about it?

2) AFAIU, sources are now available for downloading.
I understand it would be possible to make a package build for my system, 
so that I can upgrade OBSD without having to wait for the next binaries 
* binaries are quite small, so they should compile quite quickly. Am I 
* I believe Mojca has already a compiling script. Where can I find it?
* which adress should I point to fetch the sources for compilation?

Best regards,

Damien Thiriet

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