[NTG-context] Suboptimal German hyphenation

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Wed Oct 19 20:02:09 CEST 2022

On 10/19/22 16:47, Leah Neukirchen via ntg-context wrote:
>> [...]
>> Many prefixes have two letters, so changing the default may be
>> reasonable.  But there are more experienced German typographers on
>> this list who can chime in.
> After some research, I found the recommendation in
> Forssman, de Jong: Detailtypografie (4. Aufl, 2008, S. 124f.) to
> use 2/3 for German justified texts, and 3/4 to 5/5 for ragged text.
> They also recommend to never hyphenate words with 5 letters, not sure
> that can be encoded.

Hi Leah,

Hans added hyphenmin some time ago:

  \setuplanguage[de][lefthyphenmin=2, righthyphenmin=3, hyphenmin=6]
  \setuplanguage[deo][lefthyphenmin=2, righthyphenmin=3, hyphenmin=5]

It is technically on the wiki, but it lacks proper “wikification”.

I hope it helps,


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