[NTG-context] Floating Figure in framed-environment

Oliver Sieber context-ml at privly.pm
Wed Oct 19 11:31:29 CEST 2022

Dear ConTeXt Users

I am relatively new to context and I am suffering with a problem with the framed environment.

I want to use a framed textbox for Definitions in my script. I also want to use floating figures.  But this does not work and I haven’t found out why. Maybe I totally use it the wrong way. I would appreciate if someone could help me or has a tipp.

Here is an example code, where the figure does not behave as expected, i.e. the figure is behind the text:

\framed[corner=round, rulethickness=2pt, width=\textwidth, align=flushleft, offset=1em,background=color,framecolor=black]
{{\bf Definition: Hello World} \blank[medium] 

\placefigure[right, none]{This is an example of a logo.}{\externalfigure[dummy]}

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Best regards

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