[NTG-context] Adding support for German language to the Words conversion

Marcus Christopher Ludl sub at marcuschristopher.com
Mon Oct 10 21:21:36 CEST 2022

Hello all,

this is my first contribution to this mailing list. 😄

Recently, when I posted a question on StackExchange.com regarding adding 
support for another language (German) to the "Words" conversion in 
ConTeXt (see here: 
@mickep suggested that I post the patched file (core-con.lua) to the 
mailing list, once I have it finished, so that it can be added for all 
to use. So, now that I'm confident my code works well, I would like to 
do just that. 😄

How should I proceed? Should I just send the file including my new code 
as an attachement to the mailing list? Or would it be preferrable to 
paste only the new parts of the code inline into an e-mail? Is that even 
the correct mailing list or would it be better to send this to 
dev-context at ntg.nl?


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