[NTG-context] LMTX incompatibility in \meaning breaks TikZ, other minor issues

Leah Neukirchen leah at vuxu.org
Thu Sep 29 00:29:41 CEST 2022

Hans Hagen via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> writes:

>> After a bunch of debugging, it turns out that LMTX breaks the TikZ
>> 'quotes'
>> library, which works using code ala:
>> \def\tikz at enable@node at quotes{%
>>    \pgfkeyssetvalue{/handlers/first char syntax/the character
>> "}{\tikz at quote@parser}%
>>    \let\tikz at quotes@as\tikz at node@quotes at as%
>> }
>> The last part of the /-key is derived from \meaning, but in LMTX,
>> \meaning" is "the character U+0022 'quotation mark'"
>> and thus the key cannot be found.
>> I have patched TikZ for now to match for this alternate string too.
> a bit weird way to test a key .. maybe you can compare to
> \edef\ThatQuote{\meaning/}
> using \ifx
>> But perhaps it would be better for compatibility to agree with the
>> original TeX \meaning strings for the 7-bit ASCII subset at least. 
> too messy when want to parse

To follow up on this: I have upstreamed patches to tikz and tikz-cd to
use the dynamic output of \meaning instead of hardcoding.

I'm not sure who maintains the t-tikz module, but if it gets updated
at some point the fix should be in.

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