[NTG-context] new hash for buffer (as file)

Max Chernoff mseven at telus.net
Tue Sep 27 01:01:12 CEST 2022

Hi Hans, Pablo,

> > But I do agree that the line ending handling seems a little odd. I find it
> > surprising that the buffers internally use CR line endings since no systems
> > in the past 20 years use that.
> how about tex ...
> \number\endlinechar
> \number\numexpr`M-`A+1\relax % plain sets up `^^M

Argh, how could I have forgotten about that. Yes, that makes complete

> > First, run "chcp 65001" before running "context" and record the size of the
> > file written. Then, run "chcp 1251" and run "context" again. Hopefully the
> > file size doesn't change; but if it does, then that means that the binary
> > content of any file written will depend on the system's default code page,
> > which would complicate making reproducible hashes.
> if that were the case nothing would work .. so it's bytes in - bytes out

Ok good, that's what I was expecting. I've unfortunately used some
programs that even fairly recently depended on the system code page, so
I'm always a little cautious.

> Hi Max,
> I realized later that I was doing something wrong. My fault here.

Glad that you've figured it out.

> I thought that ConTeXt would output the same character encoding as in
> the source file when saving a buffer.

Yes, Hans confirmed that that is correct. 

-- Max

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