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> Hi all,
> I compiled a kind of wishlist what we need or look for in a new or
> enhanced open source PDF viewer, as discussed e.g. at the 2021 meeting.
> https://wiki.contextgarden.net/PDF_viewer
slightly off-topic
1)   gs has a new pdf viewer
but of course I think that they push on mupdf

2) EBookDroid - PDF & DJVU Reader is a very nice pdf viewer for android,
especially on 10" tablets. It's based on mupdf.

It seems that mupdf is more suited to be embedded into / used for
embedding   other programs:
latest mupdf (1.20, iirc)  has a js console and  I think you can interact
with the viewer -- sort of the js console of the browser;
I haven't seen how yet, perhaps you can add objects on the fly to the
documents, in this case one can think of embedding a
small luatex (no harms,  after all mupdf it's already a big binary) and add
(pdf)objects by scripting.

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