[NTG-context] [secure site not available]

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Wed Sep 14 19:19:05 CEST 2022

On 9/14/22 16:43, Floris van Manen via ntg-context wrote:
> When trying to download the context distribution for linux and 64
> https://lmtx.pragma-ade.nl/install-lmtx/context-linux-64.zip
> i get a warning about missing security:
> [...]
> Is there a (simple) solution?

Hi Florian,

I only have a simple explanation:

https://lmtx.pragma-ade.nl, https://pragma-ade.nl and
https://pragma-ade.com seem to use a certificate that is only valid for
https://lmtx.pragma-ade.com (according to Firefox).

Each domain (and subdomain) requires its own certificate. (And
non-automatic certificate renewal is a real pain [I have to add].)

Right now, Hans will be the whole week @

So, you will have to wait or use
https://lmtx.pragma-ade.com/install-lmtx/context-linux-64.zip (right
now, it seems to work 😆).

I hope it might help,


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