[NTG-context] How can I design a book cover with front cover, back cover, and spine?

amano.kenji amano.kenji at proton.me
Tue Sep 6 13:15:07 CEST 2022

Is it a good idea to design a book cover with front cover, back cover, and spine in ConTeXt? Or, is there a better software for designing book cover?

Do print shops just accept a book cover design as a PDF file which can be created by anything including ConTeXt?

Is it a good idea to set left margin and right margin differently for digitally distributed PDFs? Digital PDFs don't need different margins on the left and the right, but a digital PDF with different margins on the left and the right can be used in a physical book.

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> > Let's assume that I'm writing an A4 book.
> > 
> > How can I design front cover, spine, and back cover of the book with ConTeXt?
> > 
> > I've read many PDF files, but none that I can remember actually had book spine on it. Some had back cover. Most had front cover.
> > 
> > Do printing houses make spine and back cover for authors so that back cover and spine don't need to be typeset by LaTeX or ConTeXt?
> No, they don’t, you must provide an extra PDF in the right size.
> Often, printshops provide a template.
> If I don’t have a design that goes over the spine, I use a cover.tex
> that imports front and back of my main PDF and just add the spine text.
> Everything placed on a layer.
> This way, my main PDF contains everything except the spine – makes sense
> for proofreading or digital distribution.
> Spine width depends mostly on page number and paper weight (thickness),
> but also on the binding technology used – ask your printshop.
> Hraban
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