[NTG-context] update old MP code

Taco Hoekwater taco at bittext.nl
Thu Sep 1 18:45:48 CEST 2022

> On 1 Sep 2022, at 18:28, Henning Hraban Ramm via ntg-context <ntg-context at ntg.nl> wrote:
> Am 01.09.22 um 15:40 schrieb Taco Hoekwater:
>> Adding grouping makes sense:
>>> def Moire(expr size)(text densities)=
>> begingroup
>> endgroup
>> As that at least makes it an expression instead of a statement list.
>> But also depthless() is never defined?
> Oops, I forgot to copy that part (confusing source...)
> It still doesn’t compile:

Missing definition of “width()”, from this line:

>          xs := width(q)-width(p);

Adding that should do the trick.

Best wishes.


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