[NTG-context] Textadept no longer supported?

Hans Hagen j.hagen at freedom.nl
Sun Aug 28 11:04:27 CEST 2022

On 8/27/2022 4:12 AM, Jairo A. del Rio via ntg-context wrote:
> Sorry for the noise. I found Textadept files in the GitHub repo. However,
> it would be nice to have them in the distribution. Have a nice day.

when textadept showed up it looked promising as the idee was to keep it 
small and simple and it had lpeg so i could adapt my lexers to be used 
in it with the benefit of also using them in scite then (as the 
textadept scintilla interface was a module there)

because the lexer approach was not that efficient i spent quite some 
time getting it reasonable fast (on e.g. megabyte files with nested 
lexers) but as texadept kept changing the interfaces i decided to just 
use the minimum needed and did it more 'our way' (also because for me 
scite was the target)

(keep in mind that for me the way syntax is highlighted closely relate 
to how context files are coded, esp categories of variables and so .. 
it's about productivity for me an dmuch has been the same since we write 
our own editors but that was long ago - just for fun i might adapt the 
latest one (perl/tk, previous century) to lmtx, just for fun as it still 

there are two bits:

- textadept interface : kept growing and every update took me quite some 
time to adapt to ... as for me it was more a cross platform option i did 
that but in the end it doesn't pay off .. (it's not just a basic 
framework any more)

- textadept size : in spite of the 'small footprint' it became pretty 
big due to all these libraries that it neede, so it less became a simple 
thing ... i suppose that is what happens to most editors nowadays .. 
it's okay but makes it less reliable for us to rely on

- running from the editor: that became a bit less reliable (and also 
slower) and it's important (nothing can beat scite in that)

- lexing (shared with scite): even with the minimum interfacing needed 
it is hard to keep working reliable (i think it assumes that one only 
uses what textadept ships and for context that is unuseable)

anyway .. i could probably keep up (assuming plenty new music cd's on my 
desk to keep me distracted) but then scite moved to a newer c++ and the 
old textadept dll didn't work at all any more and there was an 
indication that it would not be provided any more (but i didn't check 
recently) .. so that made it a dead end and i patched scite myself to 
keep our stuff working

now the only problem is that I don't really want to patch scite but i 
need lpeg .. when that is in formal scite we're fine, till then ... i 
currently have to work around some limitations but i'll pick up that 
thread ... not too hard, just a bit inconvenient

(btw: the scite context lexers are independent: they are bases on what 
we already made when lpeg came around an dthat was adapted to suit 
editors, there are not that many different ways to do things anyway as 

(btw: there's also vscode and ramkumars team is working on more advanced 
support in that so in the end we have a few options)

(btw: i still like the idea of textadept but it simply no longer is an 
option as it takes / took to much time to keep up)


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