[NTG-context] C with macron

Hans Hagen j.hagen at freedom.nl
Wed Aug 24 21:07:25 CEST 2022

On 8/24/2022 8:45 PM, Pablo Rodriguez via ntg-context wrote:
> On 8/24/22 18:11, Thangalin via ntg-context wrote:
>> Another nice solution, Pablo, thank you.
>> The macron is shifted a little too far to the left
> I don’t know how ConTeXt handles it internally, but placement to main
> character differs with each letter:
>    \starttext
>      \doloopoverlist{\tf,\ss,\tt}
>        {\bgroup\recursestring\doloopoverlist{\tf,\it,\bf,\bi,\sc}
>          {\bgroup\recursestring\dorecurse{26}
>            {\character{\recurselevel}̱ }\par}\egroup}
>    \stoptext
just run the attached

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%D \module
%D   [       file=m-gimmicks,
%D        version=2022.07.25
%D          title=\CONTEXT\ Extra Modules,
%D       subtitle=Whatever comes up,
%D         author=Hans Hagen,
%D           date=\currentdate,
%D      copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
%C details.

\def\MacScale    {.7}%
\def\MacRule     {.05}%
\def\MacDistance {.05}%
\def\MacKern     {0}%

   \scratchwidth   \fontcharwd\font`M\relax
   \scratchoffset  \dimexpr\fontcharht\font`M -\MacScale\fontcharht\font`c\relax
   \scratchdepth   \MacRule\exheight
     width  \scratchdistance
     height \dimexpr \scratchoffset- \scratchdepth-\MacDistance\exheight\relax
     depth  \dimexpr-\scratchoffset+2\scratchdepth+\MacDistance\exheight\relax
     yoffset \scratchoffset `c



\startTEXpage [offset=1dk]
            \Mac Anulty
    \def\MacKern {-.1}
    \Mac Anulty

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