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Dear all,

my workshop is over and it was quite nice. There were five people that
attended the whole workshop and two that looked into it and left after
some minutes.

I had their attention from the beginning, after I showed them the flyers
I made for my cooperative.
I guess that this is what people expect from ConTeXt: individually
styled products. 

The workshop was two hours long so that I could only show the very first
steps. One interesting thing is that one person never worked with TeX
or LaTeX before. The others had experience with LaTeX of course. Is this an
indication that ConTeXt can attract people that never worked with TeX

There is one thing that is quite error prone for beginners, a small detail
during the installation process. 

Everyone worked on Linux and was able to use the command line but
nonetheless two of five had problems to correctly set the PATH variable.

So I have one question.
Is it possible or reasonable to extend the install script so that it
adds the new path directly to .bashrc? Or at least to ask the user if
the script should do this? 

Now we have to do theses steps:

sh .install.sh
copy the line with the path
vim .bashrc
insert the line, save and exit vim
source .bashrc

I can think of arguments against the idea of an installation script that
set the variable automatically.  One thing is that not everyone uses
bash, many use zsh. As I use both shells I set many environment
variables in a custom file called .exportrc. So for me personally the
extension of the script would be of no advantage. But maybe it can 
ease the way of beginners.

Thanks a lot to Hraban and to JoaquĆ­n. The "introduction" and Hrabans
manuscript helped me to outline the things I wanted to show.

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