[NTG-context] Is rendering furigana over horizontal or vertical japanese text doable in ConTeXt?

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 12:10:03 CEST 2022

黄复雄 via ntg-context schrieb am 21.08.2022 um 10:24:
> Currently, the ruby module does not seem to support cjk fonts? I have
> a preliminary implementation of furigana(pinyin in Chinese) as:
> ```lmtx
> % define the pinyin font
> \definefont[pinyinfont][name:ahpinying*default at 9pt]
> % define the pinyin command
> \define[2]\pinyin{%
>      \setbox1 = \hbox{#1}%
>      \setbox2 = \hbox{\darkgray \pinyinfont #2}%
>      \newdimen\maxwd%
>      \ifdim \wd1>\wd2 \maxwd=\wd1 \else \maxwd=\wd2 \fi%
>      \setbox1 = \hbox to \maxwd{\hfill \box1 \hfill}%
>      \setbox2 = \hbox to \maxwd{\hfill \box2 \hfill}%
>      \hskip0pt plus5pt\vbox{\setupinterlinespace[line=0.5em]\box2\box1}%
> above line
>      % \hskip0pt
> plus5pt\vtop{\setupinterlinespace[line=0.5em]\box1\box2}% under line
> }
> ```
> usage as follows:
> ```lmtx
> \pinyin{寖備}{jìn bèi}
> ```

The ruby command has no problem with chinese but you need a font which 
has support for it.
As can be seen in my previous example you can use the style-key to 
switch to a different font
for the annotation (e.g. \setupruby[style=\pinyinfont]).

%%%% begin example
\definefallbackfamily [documentfont] [rm] [Noto Serif CJK SC] 
\definefallbackfamily [documentfont] [ss] [Noto Sans CJK SC] 
\definefallbackfamily [documentfont] [tt] [Noto Sans Mono CJK SC] 

\definefontfamily [documentfont] [rm] [Noto Serif]
\definefontfamily [documentfont] [ss] [Noto Sans]
\definefontfamily [documentfont] [tt] [Noto Sans Mono]

\setupbodyfont [documentfont]


\ruby{寖備}{jìn bèi} \ss \ruby{寖備}{jìn bèi} \tt \ruby{寖備}{jìn bèi}
%%%% end example


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