[NTG-context] How can I make a Gentoo Linux package for ConTeXt LMTX?

Hans Hagen j.hagen at freedom.nl
Wed Aug 17 17:42:18 CEST 2022

On 8/17/2022 3:09 PM, amano.kenji wrote:
> * Will TexLive replace its own ConTeXt Mark IV with ConTeXt LMTX?

at some point we will switch to lmtx and mkiv is than just there and can 
be used but basically it is frozen (already for a while, apart from fixes).

> * context lmtx binary installer archive is not versioned. I can't use unversioned archives in OS packages.

at some point (all depends on time and effort and ...) the source wil be 
part of the context distribution so then one can compile

> * Is it actually possible to present a separate override file for contextcnf.lua? If not, I would need to patch contextcnf.lua, or contextcnf.lua should support both portable installation and OS-level installation.

you can put one in texmf-local (as the mtxrun --generate i posted trace 

> * Can you make it easier to make an OS package for ConTeXt LMTX by releasing versioned (source) archives, including BUILD/INSTALL instructions in the versioned archives, and so on? I wish I could just extract a versioned binary archive into certain locations or use GNU autotools or use meson build system which is far better than GNU autotools.

there is a github repository for the tex stuff and have no experience 
with all that versioning / release / os packaging stuff (couldn't test 
it anyway and continuously adapt to teh subtle differences in 
distributions and os's) ... we just post zips (already for decades) but 
anyone is free to come up with such instructions (e.g. aditya did some 
for arch)

anyway, lmtx is still kind of experimental and at some point 
installation will move to the garden (not much is needed, just a web 
server) and the packaging scripts are / will be in the distribution  .. 
there are no dependencies (and we keep it that way: self contained bins)

sorry, i just can't spent time on all the possible variant ways of 
installation .. that is up to volunteers

> While portable installations can be great for testing bleeding edge features and keeping up with latest development, most of the time, I prefer OS package releases.
I never use an os tex release .. who knows whaty has been done with it 
.. esp when one has a long term workflow (e.g. fonts can change)


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