[NTG-context] Suggestions for project structures, environment inheritance, local overrides

denis.maier at unibe.ch denis.maier at unibe.ch
Wed Aug 17 12:00:09 CEST 2022

Hi everyone

One of my current main projects where I use ConTeXt is typesetting journal articles from xml sources. As the journal appears only online, we've decided to publish each article individually. I have a working setup, but I occasionally ponder whether I could make things more smootly. Currently, my folder structure looks roughly like this :

-- _assets
-- article1
---- source
---- md
---- xml
---- pdf
---- html
-- article2

Usually, I receive Word files that get transformed via pandoc to markdown, polished, and from there to XML. HTML is produced via XSLT, PDF via ConTeXt. Transformations are performed with the help of a makefile.

The _assets folder contains a bunch of helper files, scripts, and two environment files used by ConTeXt :
jats.tex -> contains the setup for JATS XML
layout.tex -> contains layout settings

Now, this mostly works, but I sometimes struggle with things like overrides/additions for specific articles. Say, I have the global definitions, but I need to make small changes for one specific article? Or, I need to add something to one specific article, but I don't want to add this to the  <environment> files. I guess my question is something like this :

- How could a painless solution for such a scenario look like?
- Should you just load multiple environment files and override earlier settings? (How would that work with xml setups?)

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