[NTG-context] How can I make a Gentoo Linux package for ConTeXt LMTX?

amano.kenji amano.kenji at proton.me
Mon Aug 15 15:54:47 CEST 2022

>From my perspective, a few optimizations for system installation need to happen for ConTeXt.

contextcnf.lua needs to support system installation paths.

Arch Linux texlive-core packages has its own patched version of texmfcnf.lua that sets TEXMFSYSVAR=/var/lib/texmf, TEXMFOS=/usr/share, TEXMFDIST=/usr/share/texmf-dist, and TEXMFSYSCONFIG=/etc/texmf.

TexLive's own version of texmfcnf.lua is not suitable for system-wide installation.

contexcnf.lua assumes all paths are relative to /path/to/extracted-archive which is definitely not a system-wide installation.

A system-wide installation is installed to absolute paths.

On top of that, there needs to be a document called INSTALLATION or BUILD that offers a simplified version of build/installation instructions contained in install.sh, mtx-install.lua, and mtxrun.lua. It seems mtxrun can be used to build and install ConTeXt without internet access as long as all dependencies are already present.

If ConTeXt is optimized for system-wide installation by modifying contextcnf.lua and adding INSTALL or BUILD, then all POSIX-like operating systems will be able to easily make packages for ConTeXt. Not just Gentoo Linux.

Can anyone help me with optimizing ConTeXt for system-wide installation?

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On Monday, August 15th, 2022 at 12:12 PM, Bruce Horrocks <ntg at scorecrow.com> wrote:

> > On 15 Aug 2022, at 13:03, amano.kenji via ntg-context ntg-context at ntg.nl wrote:
> >
> > TexLive has texmfcnf.lua that doesn't really work with texlive-context installed by linux distributions.
> >
> > Arch Linux has its own patched version of texmfcnf.lua.
> >
> > It seems I'd be better off with a linux package for ConTeXt LMTX.
> >
> > How can I build and install ConTeXt LMTX on Gentoo Linux or any linux distribution?
> >
> > I wish it was as simple as ./configure, make, and make install.
> Install instructions for LMTX on Linux are here:
> https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Installation
> It's pre-built so there are no make steps.
> Try it and ask again if you have problems. :-)
>> Bruce Horrocks
> Hampshire, UK

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