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Hans Hagen j.hagen at freedom.nl
Fri Aug 5 17:23:32 CEST 2022

On 8/5/2022 4:37 PM, Aditya Mahajan via ntg-context wrote:
> Hi,
> I cannot view the onandon.pdf manual. pdfinfo says that it a malformed PDF.
bah, probably i ran some test .. some code there only works in older 
luametatex .. (keep in mind that i seldom run these manuals as a whole 
so sometimes the tex file are newer than the pdf document) .. esp the 
history documnents are sensitive for experimental features that evolve 
(i had to comment the fences chapter because we now have neater mechanism)

i pushed an update (hopefully better; you shoulkd be able to process the 
files but math exmaples might not what is discussed due to the updates 
we did)

as you're in update mode, here is something to play with .. i bet you 
can figure it out without documentation (and if you have input on this 
for us ... you're welcome)


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    \immutable\Umathdictdef\vdash 1 \mathbinarylogicaldictionary  "22A2 \mathrelationcode 0 "22A2
    \immutable\Umathdictdef\leq   1 \mathbinaryrelationdictionary "2264 \mathrelationcode 0 "2264
    \immutable\Umathdictdef\geq   1 \mathbinaryrelationdictionary "2265 \mathrelationcode 0 "2265

        mathematics.dictionaries.registercharacter("binary logical", 0x22A2,"implies")
        mathematics.dictionaries.registercharacter("binary relation",0x2264,"less or equal")
        mathematics.dictionaries.registercharacter("binary relation",0x2265,"greater or equal")

    \immutable\Umathdictdef\ndivides 1 \mathbinaryarithmicdictionary "2224 \mathbinarycode   0 "2224
    \immutable\Umathdictdef\nmid     1 \mathbinaryrelationdictionary "2224 \mathrelationcode 0 "2224

        mathematics.dictionaries.registercharacter("binary arithmic",0x2224,"don't divide")
        mathematics.dictionaries.registercharacter("binary relation",0x2224,"undivided")


\definecolor[dictionary:binary arithmic]       [r=.5]
%definecolor[dictionary:binary linear algebra]
\definecolor[dictionary:binary logical]        [r=.5,b=.5]
\definecolor[dictionary:binary relation]       [g=.5]
%\definecolor[dictionary:binary set]
%definecolor[dictionary:constant arithmic]
\definecolor[dictionary:constant set]          [s=.5]
\definecolor[dictionary:nary arithmic]         [r=.5,g=.5]
%definecolor[dictionary:nary constructor]
%definecolor[dictionary:nary functional]
%definecolor[dictionary:nary linear algebra]
%definecolor[dictionary:nary logical]
%definecolor[dictionary:nary minmax]
\definecolor[dictionary:nary relation]         [b=.5]
%definecolor[dictionary:nary set list]
%definecolor[dictionary:nary set relation]
%definecolor[dictionary:nary set]
%definecolor[dictionary:nary statistics]
%definecolor[dictionary:unary arithmic]
%definecolor[dictionary:unary elementary]
%definecolor[dictionary:unary functional]
%definecolor[dictionary:unary linear algebra]
%definecolor[dictionary:unary logical]
%definecolor[dictionary:unary set]
%definecolor[dictionary:unary vector]

%mathdictproperties \plusone
\mathdictgroup      \mathdefaultdictionary



\definemathgroupset[demoa][binary arithmic,nary relation]
\definemathgroupset[demob][binary relation,nary relation]

% \tracingmath2 \tracingonline2 \showmakeup[mathglue]

$ a \leq b \geq c < d > e = \naturalnumbers = ℕ$

\getbuffer[a] \blank

$ a \ndivides b \nmid c ^ {a \ndivides b \nmid c} + d ∤ e \times f > g × h - i $

{\setmathgroupset[binary arithmic]\getbuffer[b]} \blank
{\setmathgroupset[binary relation]\getbuffer[b]} \blank

{\setmathgroupset[demoa]\getbuffer[b]} \blank
{\setmathgroupset[demob]\getbuffer[b]} \blank

{\setmathgroupset[demoa]\getbuffer[a]} \blank
{\setmathgroupset[demob]\getbuffer[a]} \blank

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