[NTG-context] What exactly is lpath?

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>> On 8/3/2022 9:46 AM, Denis Maier via ntg-context wrote:
>>> Hi everyone
>>> Just a question I've been thinking about from time to time: What exactly is
>> lpath? Is that ConTeXt-specific? Or something more general from Lua? I've of
>> course asked Google, but Lpath seems to a Python-inspired path library for
>> Lua unrelated to XML...
>> it's a bit like xpath ... a way to access arbitrary nodes in a xml tree with lokup
>> and access 'patterns'
> Thanks. That I do know. I was more wondering where that is coming. (My question was probably not that clear.)
> As I couldn't find more about it I guess it's ConTeXt-specific, not something coming from the Lua ecosystem...

indeed, all lua code is written in the context perspective; we used some 
socket code but that was also stripped and parially redone (seemed not 
maintained at that time)

keep in mind that we started with luate xin 2005 so much of the lua code 
had to be written anyway and it also had to be pretty efficient and 
useable in tex; roberto had an example of a simple xml parser and for 
xml i started from that but by now it's quite different and way more 
extensive; we need to be able to handle huge files

so, no dependencies and we keep it that way

> Just like Pablo, I'm from time to time reading through the xml-mkiv manual, and I was just wondering if there other places where I can other examples or explanations. (If it were a more general Lua thing for example...)

the test suite and x-* files ...


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