[NTG-context] ConTeXt meeting 2022 – please register!

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Sun Jul 31 16:02:26 CEST 2022

Hi folks & friends,

I’d like to remind you to register for the current ConTeXt meeting 
(September 12–18 in Germany), we must close registration in about two 
weeks, and my list is still rather short.


If you registered early and got only an error message from the form, 
please register again.
And please don’t think you could avoid a registration because everyone 
knows you’ll come (except Hans).

Otherwise it’s normal that you got no response from me (sorry!).

We have no Covid restrictions in Germany any more, even if the 
incidences are high, except that you must wear a mask in trains and are 
asked to in some other places. I’d ask you to test yourself before 

It would be nice if you would register also for online attendance, just 
for my information. Since the regular online meetup would be during the 
conference, we will drop that.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

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