[NTG-context] Can't no break between a close punctuation and a open punctuation

黄复雄 aahuaang at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 15:41:29 CEST 2022

Dear Hans,
I found that ConTeXt injected two infinity penalties between
a close punctuation and a open punctuation, for example
between `”“`, or `:“`, as showed in the following Chinese
document. But actually, we need to break between them sometime.
Please note that there is no space around full width
punctuations in Chinese document.
\usebodyfont   [mschinese,20pt]


% just for watching node list
% \startluacode
%     local watch = require("watch_sys_actions.lua")
%     watch.register()
% \stopluacode


\dorecurse{5}{“好?!;”“:,。”} % linebreak sutck

\dorecurse{30}{“我”} % linebreak sutck

\dorecurse{30}{我} % linebreak work

\dorecurse{30}{我。} % linebreak work


What I see between any two consecutive punctuations is

<penalty userpenalty>       10000
<glue userskip>             0       0       655500
<penalty userpenalty>       10000
<glue userskip>             0       655500  0

so nowhere to linebreak.

Huang Fusyong(黄复雄)
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