[NTG-context] Can't manipulate glue added by tex.preparelinebreak

Max Chernoff mseven at telus.net
Thu Jul 28 09:03:09 CEST 2022

> looks like i don't update something, i'll fix it (probably bin later
> today)

> new upload (see earlier mail for rest)

Works great! Thanks!

> btw, you can do this:
>          local h, t, pil, pir, pfl, pfr = tex.preparelinebreak(new_head)
>          inspect(pfr)
>          pfr.stretchorder = 0
>          pfr.stretch = 0

Ah, that's quite convenient. I'm still supporting LuaTeX, so
unfortunately I'm somewhat limited with which helpers I can take
advantage of.

> as well as use
> 	tex.show(broken)
> to see the result

That will be really nice for debugging. I've either been storing boxes
and typesetting them later (like shown earlier) or using node.traverse +
inspect. This will be much nicer to use.

-- Max

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