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Wed Jul 27 08:48:09 CEST 2022


This is off-list because I see you already had an answer, but I'm 
wondering if I have misunderstood your problem. I thought there was a 
simple way to do this (or at least it is how I do it):

|\setuphead [chapter] [page={yes,header,footer,right}] |


  * Finishes the last page of the previous chapter
  * Disables the header and footer for the next (empty) page
  * Adds an empty page when necessary to start the new chapter on a
    right page

I see, too, that you have added in Wolfgang's elegant solution to an 
earlier issue I had with placing images on that blank page before a 
chapter title. That was kind of you. I've never ventured into adding 
to/correcting aspects of the wiki. I've often wanted to... even just to 
quietly fix up some of the English. It is a no-no to mention that sort 
of thing in the public forum, and the best way around it, I think, is to 
simply make adjustments here and there when it would help.

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