[NTG-context] Unwanted blank page before page figures when using non-placed (hidden) heads

cryo shock axteffekt at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 23:35:47 CEST 2022

Hey there,

I am having trouble understanding some basic blank page behavior. I hope
that somebody of you can point me in the right direction.

My primary goal is to create application documents consisting of various
.tex components and with external PDF pages inserted as well. The second
part of that goal is to use multiple-level bookmarking as well. Bookmarking
should look like this:

- Letter
- Resume
- Testimonies
-- Testimony A
-- Testimony B
-- Testimony C

In the following MWE you can see my progress along with some notes to help

There are two questions, I'd wish could be answered:

1. Why does TeX insert a blank page before a pagefigure I enclose within a
(hidden) head?

2. Can the \bookmark[list]{text} command be somehow used for multi-level

While the first question would make up for a more consistent solution, the
second question would do the job as well.

I hope some of you can enlighten me.

Cheers, k

%%% START of MWE





\startcomponent * % not a product, no
  \startVisiSection[title={Custom Section A}]
    Text of Custom Section A
  \startVisiSection[title={Custom Section B}]
    Text of Custom Section B
  \startInvisiSection[title={Hidden Custom Section A}]
    Text of Hidden Custom Section A
  \startInvisiSection[title={Hidden Custom Section B}]
    Text of Hidden Custom Section B
  TEST\bookmark[CustomBMarks]{Start of Teststack} \dorecurse{800}{TEST
}NEEDLE\bookmark[CustomBMarks]{Needle in the Teststack}
\dorecurse{400}{TEST }TEST.\bookmark[CustomBMarks]{End of Teststack}
  %%% So far no problems.
  %%% The following combination does the job, but I see no possibility
  %%% to arrange the "CustomBMarks"-list in multi-levels.
  %%% So the following method would be the best choice to work with
  %%% multi-level bookmarks. But as soon as I start working with
  %%% (custom) heads together with pagefigures, CTX places a blank
  %%% page before every figure...
  %%% Note: you don't need a dummy file. The last (unnumbered) page is
  %%% the wanted external PDF. The numbered page before is the unwanted one.
  \startInvisiSection[title={External Testpage A}]

%%% END of MWE
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